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I’m just a pleb.

On Saturday night was Jareds work Christmas do. Went to a nice place, talked to some cool people, had a great time. ¬†Went up to the very empty bar I was next in line, with no one behind me, only for some guy to push in front of me to order his drink. I didn’t… Read more »

Christmas wish list 2013 V1

Aside from things that I can’t possibly get in time for Christmas (Debt paid off, a nice body, a better brain so I can fly through uni like Jared did, a nice car, etc) there are a few things I would love for to get for Christmas. Even if I buy them myself. Some are… Read more »

I’m almost 22

On Wednesday the 23rd of October, I’m going to be 22 years old. To be honest I’m kind of scared. I’m not really sure what I pictured myself doing at this age when I was younger. I’ve always had an interest in agriculture – but never had any ambition to go to uni for it…. Read more »