Urban / Rural divide.

I have a few new readers, so I’m going to give a little background on myself before I launch into the issue I want to discus today. After that, I will discus what I’ve noticied about the urban/rural divide in New Zealand.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a dairy farmer. When I was 17 I applied for a few jobs, was sucessful in the interview, and got the job. I started when I was 17, and finished up when I was 21. The only reason I went to uni is because I realized that I had nothing to fall back on, I might wake up one day and decide I hated dairy farming, but then I’d have to either 1) Live with it or 2) Get a low paying job, and not be able to achieve anything I want to do in life (Which is kind of ironic, I’m now getting paid less then I was dairy farming) read more