A non-professional movie review: Mad Max Furry Road

I mainly like comedy movies, the only reason I went to see this one was because I made plan with Jared, and his friend who was going away for like, 4 months called and changed those plans. So I went along to this movie.

It’s not a bad movie. I’m shit at reviews. Basically I’m writing this post because Dem Cars.

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a bogan when it comes to cars and maybe even music (well, my music taste is wide). So when I saw these awesome rat rods on the opening scene I was like “Fuck yes!”

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Hi! A life update

I don’t even know the last time I made a post, and I deleted all of my previous posts so I can’t even go and check.

I’m at uni right now. (Both physically and… well, in life?). I have a year and half left, although next year will most likely be “part time”.  I’m still doing the BEMP at Lincoln Uni. It’s stressful. While I love learning, I hate the stress that comes along with it.

A bit of an update? Well last year I was on University Challenge. I suppose that’s the most interesting thing that’s really happened lately. The videos are online and if you like, tweet me and I’ll DM you the links. 🙂

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