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kia ora! I’m Jana and this is my little page on the internet! I’m 25 years old (DOB: 23/10/1991) and reside in Selwyn, New Zealand. I’m a recent graduate of Lincoln University (NZ, of course!) where I obtained a Bacholor of Environmental Management and Planning.

A kiwi bird
I am a kiwi! 😉

I was born and raised in NZ. My heritage includes lots of different European ancestors, and I am just beginning to learn about the Māori side of my family.  Although I don’t speak Māori, I went to CPIT last year to learn, and will carry on this year through correspondence.

My interests include: Reading, cars, gaming (if you can call the games I play “gaming”), eating, visiting family and traveling all over New Zealand (When I have the funds!).

I love learning but I am most certainly a hands on learner, so as you can imagine my time at uni hasn’t been the easiest. But I got there in the end! However I love reading about history on Wikipedia and watching documentaries. I’m staying at your house and you have Sky? Sweet! History documentaries for days!

I’ve been around on the internet for a few years now. Mainly going by this name (Jahemian). This username is a mix of my own name and my favorite song by Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody.

That’s about all for now. Any questions? Find me on Twitter!


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    Saw your post on tonight’s PM discussion. I want to throw out one more possibility about your BFs weird workmate – he’s trying not to stare. We’ve met at a Reddit meet up and you were wearing a top that you were, ah, exceeding. I find that if I’m around visible breastflesh, I gotta go somewhere else or I’m going to stare/babble. That night I had to go talk to someone else.

    He also could just be a mean fuckwit, who knows. Hope you can let it roll like water from a ducks back.

    Stay well.

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      Hey! Ahhhh yeah. Honestly, I don’t do that on purpose. I hate my breasts. But I have a small supply of clothes. You could well be right… Thinking about it, often am in lower cut clothes around this guy… I may test this theory… Although I’m kind of scared to see any of the people there ever again.

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