Power-lifting and “weight loss”

The previous few blogs before my come back on Saturday were about my (failed) attempt at weight loss and power-lifting. Let’s get one thing straight here just in case ya’ll believed me like I believed in me; I suck at losing weight. I jumped back on the wagon a million times last year. Every time I’d say “I’m serious”. in fact, I’ve been counting calories for the past 7 days, and I’m still telling myself “I’m serious”.

When I first started lifting, it was because I Googled “how to lose weight, no cardio”. I am not joking. People keep asking me, and I keep telling them, and they seem disappointed in my answer. Anyway, ever since I started at my new gym (which I think I blogged about back then?) I’ve realized that I don’t want to be skinny anymore. I want to be strong, which I am. My current stats are as follows:

Squat: 165kg

Bench: 105kg

Deadlift: 140kg – No video because I didn’t get one. SO here are some light banded deads:

Total: 410kg

That’s pretty good. My bench is like, A++ good, and now, instead of my goal being “skinny” or “to look pretty” my new goals relate to upping those numbers. My ultimate goal is to eventually go to Worlds (IPF). Which I need a total of over 500kg to be competitive. I have a pretty OK bench and I want nothing more then to be on the world stage showing my strength off. Vanity? Yes. Am I proud though? Fuck yes. I worked hard. I can bench more then a lot of guys I know.

But and there is always a but. I want to drop a weight class. See, I currently weigh 119.5kg (236lbs). I’m not light. In power-lifting, for females, the highest weight class there is, is 84+. That means you could be 84kg and be competing with someone like me, or I could be competing with someone a lot heavier. I know there are 130kg+ females out there, who hell yeah have a lot more strength then I do.

So the new “weight loss” goal is to reach under 84kg. It’s going to take a hecken long time to get there, I have to lose 36kg, slowly so I don’t lose all of my muscle as well. I’m still going to be competing at my current (and lower) weights. It is still about health, and it is still because I want to wear nice, cheap clothes and yes, i’m still not totally confident in my own body and I really do think being lighter would help, but it’s also because I’ve found a sport I freaking love, something that I’m good at, and I want to break records.

In 2019, world Bench Champs are in Japan. My trainer has said instead of going to Oceanias this year (it’s a long story, but it’s being hosted in Naru this year, and… it may or may not be officially under IPF) we should hit bench champs in Japan. HELL YES. So this year I need to get through the following comps to make it there:

April 7-8: Provincials, 3-lift
June 9-10: South Island (Just bench)
August date not set: Nationals, 3-lift
October date not set: Bench Nationals
May 2019: Bench worlds.

I’m pretty freaking amped about it.

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  • It’s great that you’ve found love with lifting weights. Good luck with your fitness goals! There’s definitely more to life than just being skinny and it’s great that you found what you want to work towards!

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