We bought a house

Long time no update! I want to do a few updates over the next few weeks, but first things first, we bought a house!

We now live in Christchurch (previously we lived in a district just outside of Christchurch). It’s closer to work for Jared, and about a 20 minute drive from my work, which isn’t too bad.

The house itself was built in the 1970s, it’s a 4 bedroom, with a small en-suite for the master (tiny! it can’t fit both Jared and I at the same time). The 3 non-master bedrooms are a decent size, the master is a bit small, however we also have a office / small lounge right before you enter the bedroom, so our desks/PCs etc are in there.

We also have a massive backyard which has been cleaned up and trimmed yesterday. The previous owners must have loved gardening, as there are so many beautiful trees and flowers, including roses and hydrangeas both which in are in a variety of colors.

It’s pretty stressful owning a home. We’ve had roof leaks, and just found out our drainage pipes have tree roots in them (I suspect from the earthquake). I can’t just call the landlord to fix stuff because I am the landlord. A bit of a scary thought! We can however, draw on our own walls 🙂

We had to re-carpet the entire place as the carpet was very old, Jared’s also painted the non-master bedrooms. There may be some more DIY we do, perhaps open up the kitchen / lounge, or when we eventually don’t need flatmates, make one bedroom the office, and extend the master bedroom/bathroom into the random little office bit we currently have. We have no real plans as such. We don’t have a lot of money to spare.

That’s about it on the home front. I’ll be posting some more updates in the coming weeks and hopfully plan to get back into blogging properly, as I find it helpful to just “talk”, even if it’s just to my self.


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    Oooh this is so great, I bet you’re just super excited to progress onto the rest of your life! Your house sounds lovely, even if the en suite to the master would make me laugh every time I’d be washing my face or something with someone else wanting to come in too with the lack of space haha. Here’s to 2018!

    Little Moon Elephant

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