What the hell happened to last week?

What the hell happened? I don’t know! My eating was shit, I made it to the gym three times, and I finally pulled 100kg deadlift without being “dirty” about it, but everything else was a shit show.

I tracked food, but only some of it, I drunk water, but nowhere near what I want to be drinking (1.5-2L daily) I met my step goal, but only like, twice. It was certainly not a great week. To top it off, I decided to jump on the scales twice! The first time I didn’t gain or lose, but the second time, I guess after a few shitty days of eating, I’d somehow gained 2kg! That’s huge!

Usually that gets me pretty down, I’d go and eat my feelings, give up, get really down for awhile (it’s a pretty shit cycle!) but instead I came home and said NO, no more take out, no more over indulging. Drink more water to feel full!! And what’d we do? Went out to the Lantern festival in town and got Chinese food and I got ice cream and went hella over my calories, but that’s all good, because today I’m back at it. Counting calories, finally drinking water (and actually feeling full!) and I’ve already gotten my steps. I’m in the process of making my (planned!) dinner, and afterwards if I’m hungry, I’ll have a banana.

It’s hard though. I do CICO (Calories in, Calories out). And I desperately want some chocolate, but it’s so high in calories it’s not really worth it. Even though I have (according to MFP) 1743 calories left (due to exersize), I don’t really like eating them! It’s really hard to beat the cravings, but today I’ve been thinking about my mid term goal – get to a size 16 by graduation in April, and then my other goal (which may go hand in hand?) to get to 100kg so I can finally get a new Fitbit. I think my problem is (when I fail) is that I don’t have my mind on the goal(s). But todays been good because I’m thinking about them!

So this weeks goals are to get back on track! Still go to the gym, but THINK about my goals. Have a banana or something around for when I’m hungry (I’ve bought a whole bunch). Drink water!! Get my steps! Sometimes you have to restart.

PS: Here’s a picture of the new gym I attend 🙂

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  • Haven’t been by in awhile. I didn’t even know you were still blogging!

    I’ve been following you on IG for awhile and have definitely been cheering you on.

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