Weekly goals #4

OK! I clearly didn’t post at all last week, in fact, aside from my XXfitnesschallenge goal, I didn’t know what I’d be capable of after my surgery.

Turns out, everything went find and I did all my workouts (very lightly, mind you! I probably did more cardio to make up for it, really) except deadlift day (went to the beach instead… you just need a break sometimes, OK!) I also hit my goal steps (still 12k) EVERY DAY! I am so pleased with myself!

This week my goal is to eat 1500 calories at least 3 times this week. I kind of bugered that up today (I had butter chicken+naan for lunch…) but I reckon I’ll be fine these coming days! I’ve really noticed that water does make me very full, and I’ve started drinking as much as I can to curb feeling so hungry!

How am I going to hit that 1500 calorie goal? I’ll be making meals out of the HFG (which is a magazine in NZ and maybe Ozzy?) which has healthy, pretty good low/medium cal meals in ’em. Most of the meals are for four people, so I usually split the meal into four, and have them for lunch the following days. 

I’m going to have to leave my efpos card at home, because there is a really nice sandwich shop right next to my shop, not only is it expensive, it’s  not very healthy!

I’m struggling to write all my goals / food down in my weekly planner, and it’s because I’m not checking it everyday like I should. I really want to get myself a small planner, so I can carry it around with me and tick things off as I do them. Carrying around a bit art-book isn’t really ideal! I’d rather turn that into a scrapbook, which was its original purpose!

For my XXFitnessChallenge goal this week, I have put down “make it to my new gym 3 times this week”. My new gym is in town, so it’s going to take a bit of getting used to to get there. I’m either going to have to drive back into town after work (LOL And spend heaps of money on petrol) go straight after work and bus home, or go early in the morning and bus home from work, because if Jared starts work early, he’ll finish early, and won’t wait around for me. So it’s a tough one, but hopefully one I can make!! I’ve been once already, hopefully I can make it twice more this week.

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