Powerlifting goals!

Alrighty! It’s been awhile since I posted anything non-goal related, and… well this isn’t exactly non goal related, but it’s specifically about my powerlifting.

A few posts ago I briefly mentioned that I wanted to participate in a power lifting comp. I’ve finally gotten the dates for this years meets, and unfortunately the “Novice” comp is way to soon (plus it’s on a Saturday, and my boss is pretty chill, but I don’t want to push it by taking another Saturday off!) I certainly don’t have any time to prep, especially because my surgery means I’ll be off heavy lifting for roughly a week. (Doctor said one week max, nurse said 3 weeks… I’m not sure which one to go by lol). So I think I’ll bite the bullet and go for the April and/or June comp. One which seems to be bench only,and another which I believe is all 3 (Bench, deadlift and squat). It’s all a little confusing, and I hope I’ll be able to enter with my low lifts (compared to the pros!).

I’ve gone back a few posts and found my original starting point for powerlifting;

Squat then: 80kg. Now: 110kg
Deadlift then: 50kg. Now: 110kg
Bench then: 40kg. Now: 65kg.

Those “now” numbers are 1RM, and if I recall correctly, the first numbers were done in “sets”, so who knows how much I’ve actually achieved? It’s a bit hard to tell, however it is clear that I have gained strength. There is no way I’d ever fathom doing a 65kg bench back then!

This is the most latest video of me doing any form of powerliftng. It’s from a few months ago (and it was just 80kg, I think I was on a deload week?). I think it’s time for some more up-to-date photos! Gym has been so packed lately, so it’s hard to take any. I might ask to use the scholars only gym next week to get some shots!

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