Weekly Goals #2

Woops! I’m two days late with this, but mainly because I’ve been so busy and tired these past days! I did do my journalling, where I did add this weeks goals, on Sunday, so I don’t really think it’s too late to post them  here!

The upcoming goals of this week are mainly food related. The first one is NO  BUYING LUNCHES! At least, no pies, Subway, BK, sweets anything of the sort. The reason behind this weeks goal is mainly because I’m BROKE.I have yet to make a meal plan for this week (if I have time after the gym I shall do that), but I have already bought 3 meats (mince, a roast lamb, and some chicken mignon) that I’ll just need to add vegetables to. Both the lamb and the mince should do 4+ meals,  so I already have 4 lunches. 🙂 I’m only working 4 days this week, and 3 next week (due to surgery) so lunch wise at work I think I should be OK these coming weeks!

The second goal is to track *all* my food on MFP, which is a bit hard because I’m going out twice this week. Last night we had stonegrille, so I just searched that on MFP and looked for one with high calories (although there was no seasoning or anything, but idk what else they may put with it out the back of the restaurant…) and then we had froyo for dessert, which I just found froyo, and added it three times to kind of account for the toppings I got.

I hate tracking, especially because for whatever reason, MFP on my PC and my phone are really slow, no only that, but you either have to weigh everything, have “one serving” of everything, or just guesstimate (which is what I mainly do, as you can tell by adding 3 servings of froyo lol). I’ve tracked everything yesterday and today, and I’m going OK so far. My main goal is to stick at or under calories, and try to get more protein in!

As for last weeks goals? They went awesomely!

I got 10k steps SIX times last week (goal was 5), so I’m pretty pleased with myself. I’ve been thinking I may try for a higher goal, but 4 times a week (the days I work) otherwise I’m going to be doing a lot of walking or tredmilling at the gym!

The second goal was to go for a walk 5x last week, which I did! 🙂 It kind of went hand in hand with my first goal (10k steps) but I could have just gone to the gym and been boring about it. Instead I went outside and took advantage of the good weather we’ve had! It was great! I even managed to get Jared to come on some walks with me.

The third goal was to set a budget and stick to it. Well, I kind of failed at that. I mean, I have a budget.  I have money left over, but I’m not *sticking* to the budget. I’m thinking I’m going to try and save as much of this weeks pay as I can so I can buy some protein and PWO next fortnight, because I really hate the taste of my current protein, and I’m not getting enough!

So only two goals for this week, mainly because I can’t come up with anymore (I’m not very creative…).

Do you have any goals this week? I’m really keen to know if other people set themselves goals. It doesn’t have to be health / fitness related! It could be anything! 🙂 I love setting water goals, because I have a little tracker on my journal I get to tick off whenever I met that goal. Small things right? haha.

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  • I like the idea of weekly goals. I currently have monthly goals and yearly proposed accomplishments. I never thought of breaking down goals in to the week. Those are much more obtainable!

    I liked your goals for this and last week. Walking is going to be a big one for me when I get my new job since it’s a desk job and I’ll be doing very little walking. I also hope to get my bicycle set up in the basement and do some riding down there to achieve some cardio.

    I, too, log on MFP. I have been doing it since 2012. I haven’t anything to show for it, though. I have to get more strict with my goals and work harder at achieving them. If you’d like to add me as a friend my name on there is nebuczek03. I am always looking for friends to hold me accountable for my choices with no judgment.

    Can’t wait to hear about more goals you have.
    Nikki B recently posted…Piecing The Puzzle TogetherMy Profile

      • Reply

      Wow, you’ve been logging since 2012? That’s crazy!!! I think I’ve been on and off (probably more off then on!) for a few years. I yoyo. 🙁

      Ah yes! Desk work! My current job I’m mostly on my feet all day, but if I ever get a grad-related roll, I’ll probably be sitting a lot. 🙁 Actually today the weather is bad so I decided to do *all* of my steps on the tredmil at the gym. argh. I think all up I did 1.5hours plus? I hate cardio so much!

      I’ve never been a goal type of person. But I realize maybe that’s why I keep failing at the things I want to do, you know? Maybe I would have been an A+ student at uni if I had planned and made goals LOL.
      Jana recently posted…Weekly Goals #2My Profile

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