Weekly goals #1

Last week I had set myself some pretty easy goals, just to get into the swing of goal setting, the first was to go to the gym 3 times, usually this is easy for me, but due to the Christmas holidays, the gym closed earlier on some days… However I managed to make it four times last week! The gym thankfully when back to its normal hours so I could make it after work twice this week.

I can forsee in the future that getting to the gym is going to be an issue, now that I work 30+ hours a week, and I am not an early riser. For the most part, I have chosen to do two of my workouts on Monday and Tuesday, as they are my days off, and then the third one I will do any other day, after work. I really *want* to start getting up early for the gym, but I really hate pushing time limits, and I much prefer to take my time at the gym rather than rush my workout.

The second goal I had for the week was to go on two walks. I did more then two walks, although it wasn’t as if I had purposly set out to do the one I did today, which was a walk around town (well, to and from the car, which was a medium distance) and then around the botanical gardens in town. I don’t usally like walking, I’m very lazy in that respect, but walking in the botanical gardens was nice (I wish I had better shoes then jandles though!) we saw lots of beautiful flowers, and at this time of year, there are heaps of bumblebees around! So cute! So yes, I would say I passed my second goal!


Bumblebees are so cute. I wish I could pet them lol.

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My third goal last week was to write a blog post, which I did yesterday, no real need to comment on that, it was kind of a lead up to this post!

I’m struggling to come up with goals for this coming week, my first goal is to reach my 10k goal on Fitbit five times, I will try to aim for those to be on my non-working days, too, so that I am not stuck inside on my PC so much! My second goal is to go for a walk 5 times this week, which kind of ties in with getting the 10k steps. I asked Jared if he’d like to walk with me this week after work, so we can spend some time together and be away from our PCs, and he said he’d give it a go, so at least I won’t get lonely! My last goal, although it does not pertain to the two medium term goals I have,  is to make a budget (or more, edit it to how much roughly I’ll be receiving this week) and stick to it! I’m so bad at budgeting, and sticking to budgets! I waste all my money on food, and it really needs to stop, especially because I need to save money for my long term travel goals! So I’m hoping I can do that this week! It’s kind of a two week goal though, because I get paid fortnightly, and only on Thursdays. Making the budget is this week, sticking to it is really next week. 🙂

I’m doing pretty well with my water intake now. Usually 1L or more a day, however I do really have to keep reminding myself to drink, because I just don’t get thirsty! This week I drank 1L all the way through, so I won’t be making that a goal, unless I increase the intake to 2L/day.

So my goals this week are to

  1. Get 10k steps (Fitbit)
  2. Go for a walk 5 times this week
  3. Set a budget and stick to it (Two week goal)

I’m excited! Completing all my goals last week made me really happy, as did realizing I had drunken all my water intake.


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