I kinda missed the whole end of 2016 post thing, not that I usually do one, or did anything majorly significant last year that I hadn’t already blogged about. So I thought I’d skip it and move right on to 2017. 🙂

I have no hard set goals in 2017, new years resolutions are not really my thing. I suck at goal setting! However I do have some general goals that I would like to try and achieve. Firstly, I would like to blog more – mainly to just have a journal of my life, how I’m feeling, progress on power lifting, and just general thoughts. I have no “schedule” for that, however I do have an idea that is going to help me with another goal, which is…. drum roll! (Not that it’s exciting!)

Making 3 goals weekly!! Sunday nights I shall make goals that pertain to my weight loss / power lifting / health journey, I intend to blog about those. The way that will happen is I will set some goals on Sunday night when I do my “planning” and as well as writing them in my make-shift planner (I legit have an art journal pad thing, which I just rule some boxes on and make my own planner LOL) I want to blog about them here.  I will also talk about the previous weeks goals, what I achieved, what I didn’t, how I could improve etc. This is really a time for me to reflect, but I’m happy to share my (rather long…) journey with everyone.

I should really have some long term, mid term and short term goals (well, short term will be weekly) but I really only have two mid term goals, and those are

  1. Get to a size 16 for my graduation, which is Friday the 28th of April, 2017
  2. Compete in a power lifting competition, even if it’s novice (the dates of which I am yet to find out)

These are super lose goals which I need to plan more for. I mean, I know how to lose weight, but I really struggle with my eating, and I did lose 10kg last year, but I’ve kind of come to a halt, and gained again. Working will help with this, as I’m not sitting around eating all day, which really was my downfall!

The power lifting comp? I’m unsure. I mean, my trainer will help with technique and getting me there strength wise etc, but I just have to find out dates, and build confidence! I’m really shy and so easily embarrassed! The goal here I guess is to JUST DO IT! <insert Nike tick and Shia LaBeouf video here 😛 >. No but seriously, I guess as it gets closer to comp time, there will be goals I’ll have to set etc.

I have to flesh out these two goals a bit more. I know for the compition one, that will involve some saving of money (can that be a goal if it’s fitness related? LOL) and probably registering with the local powerlifting group.

So my goals won’t be life / health changing “Eat no sugar this week!” but rather encouraging myself to get my A into G!

This post was actually supposed to be posted last night, but I didn’t finish it off! So I’m already off to a bad side lol.

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