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I need to take his advice. But here I am, posting this video just in case you guys haven’t seen it. And updating again on my life. Because that’s what this blog is for, dur!

I need to work on two assignments.


Anyway. Moving on.

Last week I had an interview with the Dept. of Corrections, to my surprise they have a team that works with the RMA, doing compliance for the prisons and other buildings / properties they own.  When I got the email and then the phone call, I posted right away to Facebook. I’m the type of person that over-shares. OK? 😛

A few hours later Jareds mum who works in HR emailed me with some websites and some example questions of what would be asked, after all, this would be my first “real” interview with a company that wasn’t so casual about hiring whoever applied. The questions really helped! I think understanding the questions and learning about C.A.R (Context, action, result) really helped in the interview.

I can’t really say how the interview went. Jareds mum told me I had to be formal, as when I practiced with her I kept laughing and making jokes. I tried my best during the interview, I didn’t crack any silly jokes, but I did have a laugh every now and then, the interviewer seemed so casual and friendly, I couldn’t help but pick up on her attitude and act the same way. It’s a habit, and I’m hoping it didn’t let me down.

The interview was about a week ago, I’ve not heard back yet but I’m really eager to know if I’m going to need to apply at the local grocery store or Subway. I really want relevant job experience so when I graduate in 2017 (my last year is 2016 but there is only 1 graduate ceremony a year) I will have a job lined up for me already.

The job itself sounds perfect. It seems like it’d be a lot of data entry, but I think it’s something that I would be doing as a graduate. The interviewer said they have farms that sometimes they have to do compliance on (I’m not sure exactly what is entailed) but that is exactly what I want to be doing! That is why I’m IN university. To learn about the environment and how I can help on farms to comply and/or make their farming practices better. Unfortunately that was a “maybe” for an intern. They  hadn’t exactly have an idea exactly what the intern would be doing this year. I mean, I’d be happy anywhere within the department, but man, when she mentioned that my brain just went “DING DING DING DING!!! EMPLOY ME FOR THAT ROLE! PLZ!”

So now I’m crossing my fingers. The job is based in Wellington and while I’d rather stay in Christchurch so I can have BBQs with friends and head to the beach and stuff over summer, a job and experience is way more important. Plus who knows? I might fall in love with Wellington and make some fantastic friends!

Aside from that, last week was pretty busy socially for me. On Friday night I “hosted” the Christchurch Reddit Meetup. This is the third one I’ve done! We just all meet up at a bar, had a good time. Played a bit of pool in the beginning. Everything went well. I knew a lot of people from either work or previous meetups, and some I’ve become awesome friends with! It was a good night, all in all.

The next night, Jared and I went to see Kristian Nairn (AKA: Hodor!) at Rave of Thrones! He’s an EDM DJ and he’s really good! We checked out his music before we got tickets, because we didn’t want to just go “because Hodor” which I’m pretty sure a lot of people did! I only had a beer that night, but I danced the night away! Usually I’m shy and just bop a little bit, but I realized “I don’t know any of these people. I’m going to dance!” So I did! I had a fantastic time! My ears where ringing, my feet hurt (I wore flats, but my shoes are just crappy in general), my neck hurt because when I dance I head bang, too (kind of?). BUT I WAS SO HAPPY! I’ve never been to an EDM concert before. It was awesome! If you like EDM, I recommend you check him out! He plays a range of stuff (Argh, including dubstep which I did not like). I only got once picture ‘cuz I didn’t want to be like most other people with their phones out all night. Seriously, guys! Have a good time! Make some memories! Argh!

A really terrible picture of our evening

I guess that’s all I have to report really!

And for once, I have a question! Are you into EDM? If so, what are your fav artists? I must admit, I’m a bit into the pop-y side of EDM. Galantis, and things like that. I kind of like Trap, too!

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  • I feel you about procrastinating like crazy, but for different reasons. Yay, depression! >.> regardless, YOU CAN do it. We just gotta find the motivation to do it. I hope you do!
    Michelle recently posted…M Is For The FutureMy Profile

  • LOL. This is my life. Constantly procrastinating all of my homework that I need to do and mentally telling myself to just pull out my books and do it!

    I think it’s a good idea to pick up on the cues of the interviewer. The company may be very formal, but the person interviewing may be more laid back so I think in that case it’s okay to relax a little more and have a laugh. It makes you more personable. 🙂 I am never sure how interviews go after I’m done. I had an interview once that I thought was awesome and turns out it wasn’t, but also visa versa. Nonetheless, I hope you get the job because it sounds like a great fit for you!

    I don’t listen to a lot of EDM, but that being said I’m not opposed to it. If I’m at a party/club/whatever, I’ll dance to it! I’m not picky!
    Becca recently posted…Reception, Part 2My Profile

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