Internships, jobs, what is my life?

This post is nothing specific, just an update on my life at the moment, I guess. I just want to note that I don’t post on exact days or a certain amount of times a week (Or even consecutively in a week) because I don’t feel like forcing myself to blog. My life isn’t too interesting. I post mainly to get out my feelings. I think I’ve said this a million times before, haha!

Anyway, recently I went to a weekend for Maori Students Associations. I unfortunately got called away on the Friday night due to a family issue that after I heard about, I didn’t really feel like being around people I didn’t know. It didn’t even turn out to be a major thing. Anyway, the weekend (well, the Thursday / Friday I was there) it was good. I meet some cool people, got over my fear of meeting people (I hope, I guess we’ll see what happens the next time I have to introduce myself!) I didn’t make any “connections” or whatever, but that’s probably because I left early.

A guy called Ron Mark came to speak with us, he told us about how he was adopted out at a young age and raised with Pakeha (European families). He said he never knew where he belonged or anything about his family, his Maori heritage. I relate to that so much! I was not adopted, but I was raised as a white person. I mean, wow I don’t know how to say this to be politically correct, haha! What i mean is, I wasn’t around other Maori families, I didn’t – and still don’t – know much about my own culture. What I have learn about it I’ve learn through the amazing Maori lecturers at Uni. For some reason when he was speaking I didn’t feel alone anymore. Like, hey, I’m not the only person who doesn’t know her heritage. Cool.

I’m learning, though. I recently got in touch with my main Iwi, Ngati Kuia. I was sent a small family tree that dates back… Well I’m not sure how far it goes. It stops in the early 1900’s I guess, but it’s easy for me to piece together from there.

For some reason it’s always been a dream of mine to be involved with my culture, my “home” land, which is Blenheim. Even though I’ve never been there before. And now days, with my degree, there are jobs like water managers, environmental consultants etc that the iwi’s need that I will be more then happy to take when the oppertunity arises. I’m a bit bumed, a few jobs have actually come out recently that would fit me perfectly after I graduate. One more year, Jana. One more year….

These past two weeks I’ve been a bit down. Right now I’m applying for internships to do with Environmental planning, consenting, analysis. ANYTHING! The thing that really bugs me though is that aside from councils, I actually have no idea where to look for these types of jobs. My university is all for helping Ag students find jobs (as it’s required as part of their degree to get work experience), but when it comes to other types of jobs? Nuh-uh. I even emailed my great uncle as a last resort, hoping he’d have an “in” or at lest know where to look. I felt bad about emailing him. I love all my family, but I really don’t want to be that girl who got a job because they know someone in the industry. PLus I haven’t talked to my uncle in years! I felt bad saying “Hey, how are you?! Miss you guys heaps! By the way, can you help me?” But it’s come to the point where if someone says they work for the council, I might jump on them and throw my C.V down their throat.

So far I’ve been turned down for 5 jobs. Three at Auckland (AKL) Council, and two so far at E-Can (Environment Canterbury). I found out 1500 or so students applied for the jobs at AKL. Now, imagain that when I actually go into the work force and *need* a full time job? I have nothing special on my C.V because people won’t hire me. It’s a pretty stink feeling. Taking time to write individualized Cover Letters, only to be told to “not contact us to ask why you didn’t get the job!” That’s crap. I know you have to turn down so many people, but I clearly need pointers!

ECAN however didn’t say what AKL said above. So tomorrow I will call to inquire and ask if there is anything I can do. I am actually waiting to hear back from two jobs still at E-CAN, one is GIS related and I really hope I get it, as it is located just down the road from me. GIS stresses me out, but I can do it. I know that. My GIS lecturer even agreed to be a referee for me.

I think ECAN either 1) Have A LOT more applications for the GIS position or 2) are actually considering me for the job, as the GIS position has closed off to new applicants but in the time they declined me for the other two jobs, they’ve not mailed me about the GIS position. I have my fingers crossed that it’s #2.

I guess all this internship hunting is really bumming me out. I no longer have a car so I can’t work at my current job over the summer unless I switch to day shift so I can catch buses. Something I really don’t want to do! I love the crew on Night Shift.

That leaves Subway and New World. New World is a grocery store, and I’ve already applied there before. I’d really rather not apply again. It’s so stink to know you have the experience a job requires, only to see young teenagers who are sometimes rude to customers get the job you applied for. But I have bills I gotta pay. I guess I’ll just toughen up and apply again.

I guess there is the option of studying over summer. But no options will help towards me finishing early, they also never offer the courses I need for my degree, nor ones that take my fancy. Then again at this point, I may end up taking some commerce papers next year because one of my lecturers for a class I want to take might not even be here – so the class is essentially cancelled if that happens.

So I’m pretty bummed, right now. Getting an internship or something similar is so important for my C.V, yet so many people are fighting for the same posistion it’s not likely I’ll get a job anytime soon.

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  • Good luck with the job hunt. I know exactly how you feel because I applied for 93 jobs in 3 months.

    I don’t know what the system is for applying for jobs where you are but I just looked online at recruitment websites. I also followed companies I wanted to work for on LinkedIn, because sometimes jobs are advertised on there but not anywhere else. You might also want to write a company, asking if they have any jobs available. Sometimes you just have to be really clever with the way you word your skills on cover letters and CVs.
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      • Reply

      Hey, Holly!

      There isn’t really a system here, I don’t think! I’ve just been trawling council websites or searching “summer internships NZ” and applying for jobs like that.
      I’ve actually been more “active” on LinkedIn recently, I even got the “free” trial yesterday (argh, it’s so not worth the money, never ever going to actually pay for that!), it keeps recomending like, office jobs for me (like office admin / secretary / data entry stuff). Nothing in relation to what I actually want to do!!!! Plus I don’t think it’s such a HUGE deal over here like in the UK or USA. Which is a shame because it has so much potential here!

      I’ve written to a few companies now. Many that I’d love to work for but haven’t posted anything internship wise. Some have messaged me back and they’ve sent my C.V and coverletter on to HR or managers in the roles I’m interested it. It’s just so stressful!!! I like to have summer jobs lined up waiting for me when I finish exams which are in a month! Eek!
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  • I know what you mean about raised a certain way, I was raised with a predominately white family and I don’t remember much of my Salvadorian culture, but I am rediscovering it. Regardless, it’s okay to be raised a certain way, as long as you embrace and love yourself for you.
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