In which I praise my university

I felt a bit stink after my last post. Mainly because there are some cool things about my university that I should mention.

The IT team,  perhaps not totally unskilled, are very helpful if you ask questions or need help with something (that they actually know the answer to, anyway). In fact, one staff member even went out of his way to find a better image of the university logo for me to use on a poster. They’ll come over and fix printers usually as soon as you call them (and come on, it’s not their fault the printers don’t work, printers will be printers). Although sometimes you ask a question and they reply a day or two later. …


The lecturers we have are awesome. Well, as with any kind of teachers I suppose there may be some not so awesome lecturers, too. But we’re all human. We can’t all be happy and awesome (case in point: me). No but seriously. Most lecturers respond to emails quickly, are very talented in their fields and attempt to make the boring lectures fun. Most will go over a draft assignment so you go in a better direction, and most will also give clues about the exam. (Or, you know, have the exact same exam from the year before which we all studied off).

Our Library building is beautiful. Although it’s never quiet, including in the specific “quiet” areas. Argh.

The student admin team are extremely helpful! At the beginning of this year the finance lady helped me with Study Link, and I recall she helped in the middle of my first year, too. For those that don’t know; Studylink require a million forms to be signed by your parents even if you don’t live with them and haven’t lived or depended on them since you where 16. It’s crazy. Anyway, Studylink have this amazing skill of losing my forms every single time I send them in. Even if my mother faxes them from a government office! So the finance person is great at helping me out, and calming me down because I’m so mad at Studylink. I should really get her a lovely Christmas gift or something. She totally deserves it. I imagine I’m not the only stressed out student she receives.

There’s a cheap sandwich shop on campus. I think… $4.60~ gets you a two sliced sandwich (nice quality bread) with one meat and a few salads. Although I’m not sure if that’s the uni’s doing or some other entity. Anyway, despite my reservation, the sandwich is damn nice.

I’m scrapping the bottom of the barrel here I think. While I’ve attended uni for 2.5 years, I still feel out of touch. We apparently do have students that sit on meetings within the university, but the information never gets passed down to us students.

Despite this, and all the bad things about my uni I said in my previous post. I like the uni for the most part. It’s small, so lecturers have time for you. The campus is small too, so if your next class is “on the other side of the campus” it’s like a 5 minute walk max to get there. There is only like 4000 students (maybe even less?) so it’s not too over crowded.

We often have cool events thanks to our student association (although I never go to the O-week things because they never float my boat).

I guess that’s all really.

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  • The library does look nice. 😀 I’m glad that there are positives you can point out about your university, even though StudyLink sounds like a pain. One thing that I love about being on campus here is the cheap price of food (a meal for less than $3). Where I live everything is so much more expensive (can’t even get a coffee for that 🙁 – can barely get one for $4.60).

      • Reply

      Coffee is so expensive!! I hardly ever go out and get coffee nowdays, which is a shame because it’s nice to just go and sit somewhere nice for awhile and have something to sip on. (Perhaps I should invest in a travel mug 🙂 )

      The Library is really nice! At the other university in the city, they have more then one library. Our university is tiny compared to others, I think we’re either just at – or under – 4,000 students However are the oldest or second oldest college I think (hence the old library!) in our country. 🙂

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