A non-professional movie review: Mad Max Furry Road

I mainly like comedy movies, the only reason I went to see this one was because I made plan with Jared, and his friend who was going away for like, 4 months called and changed those plans. So I went along to this movie.

It’s not a bad movie. I’m shit at reviews. Basically I’m writing this post because Dem Cars.


It’s no secret I’m a bit of a bogan when it comes to cars and maybe even music (well, my music taste is wide). So when I saw these awesome rat rods on the opening scene I was like “Fuck yes!”

Now the movie itself is.. OK I suppose. I’ve not seen the previous Mad Max’s which apparently tell the story of how the world ended up the way it is in the movie. Which is a shame because I think it would of been really interesting. Perhaps a Mad Max marathon is on the cards?

Anyway. The acting… Or voices? I didn’t even realize this was an Australian film until the girls that were getting saved started talking. And as a kiwi who’s unfortunately grown to hate that horrid Australian accent, I almost cringed when I heard it on screen. “argh” I said. I have no idea why. Probably due to upbringing that kiwi’s are obviously way cooler then Australians. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. I’ve not really meet any bad Australians.

Anyway. The movie overall was OK. Aside from the fact it lacked the back story I so badly wanted to see. The scene with the mothers producing milk was like “Wut?” and I’m not sure if things like that are explained in previous movies or if it just.. happened in this movie. All in all I thought it was kind of pointless. They could of just made a plan to kill the dude instead of trekking all that way, only to turn around and go back. If I watched it again it’d only be because of the awesome cars. Seriously. I want a huge truck with a dirty great big V12 or something rumbling inside it. Preferably mat black. Rusty. YAS.

I have no idea if I should suggest you watch this movie. I really have no idea about reviewing movies properly. I don’t know all the industry lingo. If you like a bit of action and awesome crusty old cars and creeepy looking dudes, then sure, go give it a whirl!

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