Work update

When i was younger, I always wanted to be a dairy farmer. Random “dream” to have, but I loved cows, I loved being outdoors, and I though riding motorbikes would be wicked. Fast foward to when I was 17, I was working in the dairy industry. I worked on two different farms, the first one for one year (which i hated, but that’s a different story) and the second one for about four years (which I really did enjoy!) I decided somewhere along the way that I wanted to do something different. i loved farming, but I saw the impact it had on our environment. Plus I knew there were other farms out there who did a horrible job (the first job, for example!). read more

Our garden

We bought a house

Long time no update! I want to do a few updates over the next few weeks, but first things first, we bought a house!

We now live in Christchurch (previously we lived in a district just outside of Christchurch). It’s closer to work for Jared, and about a 20 minute drive from my work, which isn’t too bad.

The house itself was built in the 1970s, it’s a 4 bedroom, with a small en-suite for the master (tiny! it can’t fit both Jared and I at the same time). The 3 non-master bedrooms are a decent size, the master is a bit small, however we also have a office / small lounge right before you enter the bedroom, so our desks/PCs etc are in there. read more


I kinda missed the whole end of 2016 post thing, not that I usually do one, or did anything majorly significant last year that I hadn’t already blogged about. So I thought I’d skip it and move right on to 2017. 🙂

I have no hard set goals in 2017, new years resolutions are not really my thing. I suck at goal setting! However I do have some general goals that I would like to try and achieve. Firstly, I would like to blog more – mainly to just have a journal of my life, how I’m feeling, progress on power lifting, and just general thoughts. I have no “schedule” for that, however I do have an idea that is going to help me with another goal, which is…. drum roll! (Not that it’s exciting!) read more

I hate making post titles

I’m so uncreative. So many people probably wonder why I even have a blog. The reason is because I like to talk, even if it’s essentially just to myself!

I’m just writing a little update on life, which will include my weight loss journey and uni so far. 🙂

My weight loss journey is actually going really well. In June I attempted to do Junk Free June, but my own version of it – which was just to try and cut out as much sugar as I could. Not entirely – I have a slight sugar addiction and didn’t want to end up cranky and yelling at everyone. But I only had maybe one teaspoon of sugar on my oats, on one day, or I had a normal coffee from the cafe instead of a flavored one (we don’t have sugar free syrups in NZ like many American Starbucks do). I think I did well. I would say I slipped up a couple of times – having a slice of cake or an energy drink because I just wanted to feel happy on that day. Nothing negative happened, just letting myself down a little on those days. read more

Just Do It


I need to take his advice. But here I am, posting this video just in case you guys haven’t seen it. And updating again on my life. Because that’s what this blog is for, dur!

I need to work on two assignments.


Anyway. Moving on.

Last week I had an interview with the Dept. of Corrections, to my surprise they have a team that works with the RMA, doing compliance for the prisons and other buildings / properties they own.  When I got the email and then the phone call, I posted right away to Facebook. I’m the type of person that over-shares. OK? 😛 read more

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