Another go at weight loss

As I write this, I’m consuming some pre-workout. It’s not really needed, but I thought I’d give it a shot to see what it does.

Here I am, writing another weight-loss post. But this time I’ve been at it for around 50 days (well, tracking *most* of my food on MFP for 50 days ish).

I have lost weight, although I do not know how much as I didn’t jump on the scales when I began. However, the last time I was at the doctor she was I was over 120kg. Which is what I weighed the last time I weighed myself.

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Making something outside of my comfort zone.

This week I am broke as hell. Pft, who am I kidding? I’m always broke. But it’s my night to cook dinner, and I know Jared is totally over spag bol. So I headed over to the /r/Eatcheapandhealthy to try and find something a bit out of my comfort zone cooking wise but was also cheap. I saw this recipe and at first thought it was expensive as hell (In NZ, anyway) then I decided to modify it a bit to suit my budget. I know a lot of the original ingredients I should probably have in my cupboard, but I didn’t. So I skipped the “cornflour” part because I never use cornflour.

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